Not a sausage….

Had a day off booked off work yesterday and hatched a plan with Nobby to head down to Dorset for a spot of lure fishing. Weather looked good for kayaking to be honest but after recent success plugging from the shore at this venue we thought we’d give it a bash again.

We set off around 8 o’clock in the morning and first off headed down to look at a couple of possible future marks which was worth the effort…… a useful reconnaissance for sure. We drove on to the preferred mark and arrived in plenty of time to fish from low water up. The conditions were flat calm and the water was gin clear – not a good omen as this spot always seems to fish better when there is a bit of colour and a swell coming in. Oh to have brought the kayaks……


It was already fairly warm and the trudge, with occasional cast here and there, was a bit of an epic but eventually we were at our chosen mark and began fishing while the water was still pretty low. Little happened in the first couple of hours and we slowly moved along the  coast trying  a variety of lures including shallow divers, surface lures and soft plastics.

We found some deeper water and had a go there and it was here I had my one and only take but lost the fish in the rocks – didn’t see it so can’t speculate on whether it was decent or not. Soon after I had a follow from a wrasse and then a bass but they weren’t taking the bait. And that was as good as it got for the day to be honest though Nobby had a couple more follows but nothing seemed to induce the fish to strike.


We toiled away in the sun fruitlessly for near on 8 hours before finally admitting defeat around 8 o’clock in the evening. Dehydrated, hot and pretty exhausted we walked wearily back to the car. It was just one of those days and in retrospect we probably knew it wasn’t going to be a good one when we saw how benign the conditions were.

It was so hot at one point that Nobby decided the only thing for it was a swim…


So there you have it, a poor day on the fishing front but really can’t complain being out in the sun, getting a nice lot of fresh air, good company and above all it beats working that’s for sure!

Until next time…

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