Well, I was due a blank…


After singing the praises of the new rod including the fact I hadn’t ‘blanked’ with it, the title of this post says it all really! I had planned to head down to one of the usual haunts down in Dorset on Sunday and despite being thrown a last minute curve ball as an option (cheers Rich!) I thought it best to stick to plan. To be honest the signs weren’t encouraging beforehand with easterly winds forecast which never seem to really produce here. Nonetheless, by 4:15am I was on the road but it was not a pleasant trip down there in the darkness with thick fog all the way. When I arrived, still in the fog and pitch black, it didn’t sound good either with some hoofing waves crashing in.

I made my way round the foreshore all the while listening to the relentless waves pounding in – there wasn’t much wind but it was obvious there was a serious swell out there and as it got light so it proved – easily the biggest waves I’ve seen down here though the pictures don’t do it justice… the amount of surfers who turned up during the day was testament to what it was really like though! It wasn’t choppy at all but because of the swell and crashing waves the water was filthy which was not encouraging conditions to throw a lure into. A little colour, yes, but this was almost black in parts where the silt was washed off the shore.

Still, I was intent on giving it a go and there were some good deposits of weed around which might help me out on the rising tide so I had a little hope… hope which unfortunately evaporated slowly as the session progressed. I did not get even a knock all day – not one!!  Sub-surface lures were more often than not getting clogged with weed, surface lures faired little better and even the soft plastics on the Texposer hooks I tried failed to entice anything. It was just one of those days where it was all wrong.

It was good for my fitness though – not just climbing over rocks and boulders but also hop-scotching backwards as I played chicken with some of the bigger waves that looked like they might get me seriously wet. It was challenging conditions to say the least!

Did manage a couple of nice sunrise pictures though!



A disappointing session on the fish front but I do love it down in this part of the world and as the saying goes ‘a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work’… and it’s true in my book!

Hopefully, if the weather holds and we aren’t plunged into a cold snap there will still be sessions to be had down here and hopefully a bass or two to be caught… fingers crossed.

Until next time…

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