Bass at last…

I don’t mind admitting I’ve found it frustrating on the fishing front this year  with commitments in other areas and what have you. Even when I have been able to get out conditions have not been right with weed a particular issue at some of the places I’d usually like to fish. All in all a bit frustrating.

So, it was refreshing on Sunday to get out with my mate Nobby and actually catch…. we only had one bass each, of no particular size, and  both within a couple of minutes of each other as a shoal must have passed through. It was nice to get the hits as we did – Nobby’s was on his trusty Tacklehouse Feedshallow and mine took a Fiiish Black Minnow. Strangely, conditions seemed to improve with a nice bit of white water developing after our brief flirtations at bass catching but we couldn’t tempt anything for toffee whether that be off the top, mid water or softs bounced along the bottom.

Still, hopefully this heralds the start of better things this summer and autumn as from the shore reports I’ve seen I don’t think many have fared that well with lures  to date in my neck off the woods.

One foot note, if you’ll excuse the pun, my new wading boots arrived from the US recently – took the plunge and went for some Korkers Devil’s Canyon boots after a good steer on them…..  first impressions from yesterday are they are light and  extremely comfy. I should have worn the felt studded sole yesterday given the terrain but nonetheless the cling-on studded were grippy enough. Will have to remember to post thoughts after several wears to see how they are holding up.

Until next time…

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