… And the fishing drought goes on!

Well, this past month or so has been truly awful for getting out on the kayak aside from a quick paddle at the beginning of August. The weather has not been kind at all. Windows to get out have been few and far between and the yak has literally been wrapped up gathering dust. In fact, all my fishing kit has been redundant which has been very infuriating… even the charter trip I was meant to be going on at the end of August was cancelled. Since then have been off to Scotland for a wedding so there’s just not been the chance of wetting a line…… Mighty, mighty frustrating with no let up in sight for me I’m afraid as I’m off to San Francisco on Friday for two weeks to see family.

Still, at least I’ll have a chance to visit a fishing outlet or two when I’m there and they are mighty impressive to say the least with the likes of the Bass Pro shops to peruse… I will  be like a kid in a sweet shop!

Anyhow, bear with me, I will be back and fishing on my return with my attentions beginning to turn to the winter fishing scene and in particular my pursuit of a first yak caught cod.

Until next time……