Wading in…


An option for this season?

About this time last year I was thinking about getting myself a set of breathable chest waders and there was certainly a fair few offerings out there. Trouble was that most were, and still are, aimed at the freshwater salmon and trout market and not specifically designed for the rougher treatment the saltwater environment serves up. Some are very pricey as well and I just couldn’t justify spending money on kit that might not necessarily stand up to the rigours of lure fishing while rock hopping around the Dorset coast. In the end I went for the cheap option and found some Bison chest waders on a well known auction site and to be honest last year they served there purpose extremely well. After one season they’re well worn but for the sub-£100 I paid for them that was money well spent and I would certainly go for them again over some of the more expensive chest waders on the market.

However, the question I’ve been asking myself is whilst there is no doubt I need waders do they need to be chest one’s?  I rarely wade over thigh level so waist waders are starting to make more sense for this season. The main advantages I can see are:

  • More freedom of movement for the top half of my body
  • Generally more comfortable to wear
  • They’re on the whole cheaper to buy
  • They makes things easier when nature calls!

If I need waterproof protection for my upper body I can just throw on my Palm kayak cag which I’ve done in the past very effectively. There are a couple of options I’ve found out there from Scierra and Snowbee but it’s something I’ll be researching further in the next couple of months to see what other choices are available.

Would be interested to know what others’ opinions are on the subject!?!

Until next time…