Big kids and little kids

For this post I could almost just say to you to read the previous post as it was pretty much similar in terms of the catching although I did have some willing accomplices on this occasion.

The plan had been to take Billy down to Dorset to fish with my brother and my niece who has also got into her fishing with her Dad. Unfortunately, as anyone who had seen the news yesterday may have seen, there was almost biblical amounts of rain in Dorset the day before and neither my brother or I fancied risking the kids on slippery rocks so we decided on the safer option of the local spot near to me where I’ve had a few fish of late.

Low tide was around 8:15 in the morning so we got down to teh shore two hours after and began to fish the flooding tide all in similar areas I’d caught before and all using similar lures. The sea was pretty flat but was just starting to bubble up a bit with lovely bright conditions over head.We didn’t have to wait long for the fish either when I was lucky enough to get the first take and landed this beautifully conditioned bass of around 2.5lb……

IMG_0686  IMG_0687

A nice start and I was then hoping one of the others would catch but within two casts I was lucky enough to be in again and a slightly larger bass came ashore after a feisty little fight, again in tip top condition……



Embarrassingly, no sooner had this one gone back the very next cast I was in again with what proved to be the best fish of the day at 3.5lb. Again, a nice scrap ensued and a prime conditioned fish came to the shore……



After that excitement I moved spots to let the others too it but it wasn’t to be and from then on none of us had any luck which was a shame for the kids though it didn’t seem to dampen their spirits in the slightest……


We had a BBQ lunch on the beach and as the wind stiffened we decided to head for some shelter on the River Hamble to see if we could entice a few schoolies out for the kids. Aside from a couple of crabs on ragworm it wasn’t to be but being kids they didn’t seem to mind at all. My brother did manage to save a blank with possibly the smallest bass I’ve ever seen hooked… so small in fact he was too embarrassed to have his picture taken with it. He also managed to fall in at one point to the amusement of the kids and myself!!

Interestingly, the only fish I took today where the last treble had hooked the fish was the first and smallest of the fish – both of the other two went for the lure head on and hooking themselves on the first set of trebles – coincidence? Maybe, but suggests to me that with the first take the lure was being chased whereas with the other two takes it looks like the lure was ambushed from below…… that could of course be utter rubbish but a theory nonetheless?!

Best part of the day? Seeing the kids take such an interest in their fishing and enjoying being by the sea, sometimes the simple things in life really do give you the most pleasure. Happy days…

Until next time…

More bass, same lure, same spot….


Certain venues seem to need a certain set of conditions to produce results and nothing proves this better than the mark I have recently discovered which has given a few nice fish of late. I fished the spot this last Saturday morning with calm winds fishing high tide down….. not a sniff. I’d fished it previously for an hour immediately after low tide in calm conditions and after low water up in rougher conditions – again nothing happening. The sweet spot here seems to be between 2 and 4 hours after low water in calm or semi-calm conditions when the water is fairly clear and around 2 – 4 feet in depth – no more than that. It produced in these very conditions again for me this morning – three fish hooked with two landed in little over an hour.

I had checked the weather and tide last night as being at home today it gave me the opportunity to fish early plus get home all in time to jump on the work treadmill. Low tide was at around 2:30 a.m. so I got up at 4:30am with the aim of being fishing by 5:15 a.m. just as the day dawned. Arrived and conditions were excellent with the light just changing and the calm conditions I’d hoped for. Short stroll to my favoured spot, Feed Shallow on and I was in business…… second cast and fish on… took a bit of line and staying down it felt like it might be a nice fish but then as it got in closer it made a kick for it and then all went dead… fish off…  didn’t even see it – shame but at least they were out there.

Luckily I didn’t need to wait too long for my next take as half a dozen casts later the lure was snatched almost the moment it hit the surface and this time the fish was obviously well hooked. After a nice little scrap I slid the bass ashore  which weighed in at 3.75lb



Once again on the Tackle House Feed Shallow  – this variety is the Ochiayu which has an orange belly and is darker across the back. It has been very effective for me at this mark.

There was a bit of a lull then for twenty minutes or so before the lure was hit again. This time I had left the lure for a few seconds after it hit the water and had just started to twitch the lure on the retrieve when the take occurred. After another fine little fight a bass of about a couple of pounds came to rest nicely on the weedy rock ledge. You can see clearly the orange belly of the lure in this shot…


After this fish I thought I’d try something different and switched lures to a rattling Z-Claw to see if might induce a strike off the surface but it was to no avail. With time cracking on and work in mind I called it a day – once again very content with my early morning foray. I was home by 7:30 a.m.

Will be keeping an eye on the weather and tides over the next few days to see if there is another opportunity to wet a line – got to take the opportunities when they present themselves after all.

Until next time…

Not a sausage….

Had a day off booked off work yesterday and hatched a plan with Nobby to head down to Dorset for a spot of lure fishing. Weather looked good for kayaking to be honest but after recent success plugging from the shore at this venue we thought we’d give it a bash again.

We set off around 8 o’clock in the morning and first off headed down to look at a couple of possible future marks which was worth the effort…… a useful reconnaissance for sure. We drove on to the preferred mark and arrived in plenty of time to fish from low water up. The conditions were flat calm and the water was gin clear – not a good omen as this spot always seems to fish better when there is a bit of colour and a swell coming in. Oh to have brought the kayaks……


It was already fairly warm and the trudge, with occasional cast here and there, was a bit of an epic but eventually we were at our chosen mark and began fishing while the water was still pretty low. Little happened in the first couple of hours and we slowly moved along the  coast trying  a variety of lures including shallow divers, surface lures and soft plastics.

We found some deeper water and had a go there and it was here I had my one and only take but lost the fish in the rocks – didn’t see it so can’t speculate on whether it was decent or not. Soon after I had a follow from a wrasse and then a bass but they weren’t taking the bait. And that was as good as it got for the day to be honest though Nobby had a couple more follows but nothing seemed to induce the fish to strike.


We toiled away in the sun fruitlessly for near on 8 hours before finally admitting defeat around 8 o’clock in the evening. Dehydrated, hot and pretty exhausted we walked wearily back to the car. It was just one of those days and in retrospect we probably knew it wasn’t going to be a good one when we saw how benign the conditions were.

It was so hot at one point that Nobby decided the only thing for it was a swim…


So there you have it, a poor day on the fishing front but really can’t complain being out in the sun, getting a nice lot of fresh air, good company and above all it beats working that’s for sure!

Until next time…