A load of pollacks!

Day off today meant the chance to fish but with light easterly winds it’s never the best conditions to be honest. It was a bit of a dank and wet day as well so I decided to experiment a bit and try a spot in Dorset I’ve fished before but only really one area of it.  If I caught then all the better.

It’s a bit of a trek down to the shoreline and then my plan was to head east for a kilometre along the coast. It took a while as the terrain is not the easiest but soon enough I was fishing though the dankness continued…

There was a bit of movement in the water but it was gin clear all the same. First few casts on the Feed Shallow were uneventful so I switched to a Zonk and started to get follows from wrasse, some decent sized one’s too, but none taking bar this smaller one…

There was no sign of bass though so I decided to head back on myself and then west from my original start point. I walked right round to areas I’d previously fished and immediately took a small pollack…

Followed by another and another and another, they were there in plague proportions and taking any lure I threw out there – lost count in the end how many I had  but eventually I did manage a couple of schoolies to add a bit of variety…

More pollack followed but no more bass so as the light went I started the long hike back – it was still drizzling as it had been all day!

All in all I shouldn’t complain, good to still be catching bass this late in the year albeit they were only schoolies  and although the pollack were a pain in the backside at times they were fish nonetheless!

Here are a few other pictures taken today…


Until next time…

2 thoughts on “A load of pollacks!”

  1. Cheers Rob. Have had a few wrasse on the lure now usually grabbing right under the rod tip either chasing in or coming up from the rocks below – give a good account of themselves too on light gear! Soft plastics they seem to like even more which I guess is more understandable.


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