Harder going….

Managed to sneak a hastily arranged trip down to Dorset at the weekend for a few hours with Nobby, plus we met up with Richard from Dorset Fishing Rods, and one of Nobby’s work mates, Mo, who was down there as well.

Early-ish start, on the road by 4:30am to hopefully catching the rising tide with high water at 9 o’clock. Was blowier than expected when we arrived in the pitch black but soon enough we were rigged and ready for the trudge along the shore. In the early dawn it was difficult to judge the clarity of the water where we were initially fishing but as the sun got a hold it showed that actually the water was quite green and maybe not as clear as we had hoped for at this rocky mark.

That said it wasn’t long before Richard bagged a small pollack and then a bass of around 3.5lb. Nobby and Mo had walked on round the shore and had a couple of follows from bass but nothing to show for it.

My luck was similar with a single follow but nothing taking so I decided to head back round to a bank of washed up kelp we’d earmarked on our way round. We thought it might be worth a few casts as the kelp was washed back into the sea on the rising tide. The water here was even cloudier but nevertheless it did give me my one and only fish of the day – a schoolie of about 1.5lb…

Fish was taken on the Kimono II – the same lure I’d had success with on my last trip down here. That was the last of the fish action for any of us even though we fished all the way back.The water clarity meant it was hard going.

It was also an extremely big tide so it was interesting wading our way round in parts and extremely slippery in places… yes we all took a tumble at some point but luckily nothing broken – bones or rods!


On the rod, it was again a joy to use and so far I haven’t blanked with it …… long may that continue though I have probably just cursed it! I know I keep promising but I will get round to reviewing it shortly!

So, not a bumper session but nice to be out there fishing in good company. I think opportunities to fish might be few and far between in the coming weeks depending on all the usual factors of time, weather, work and family commitments but you never know.

Until next time….

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