Early Autumn bass…


Only a quick local session to report on but three bass in little over an hour and a half was pleasing nonetheless. They were all in the 2lb bracket so noticeably smaller than I have had on previous outings at this location this summer… maybe the slightly bigger fish have started to move off shore now autumn is on our doorstep in The Solent? It was also a second outing for the new rod which again proved a joy to fish with…. I’ll get down to finishing the review of it shortly….promise.

You tend to need calm and relatively clear water at this spot – I’ve never had much success here when there is a chop to the water and it becomes murky. I can only surmise it’s because the fish can’t see the lure despite the rattles and noise they give off – whether sub-surface or off the top it never seems to produce in choppy seas … but today conditions were good and thankfully it came up trumps.

The first fish hit the Feed Shallow (Mullet 21g) lure within a few seconds of the retrieve and put up a good scrap for a small fish…


I had to wait half an hour or so for the next fish but again the same Tacklehouse lure produced for me…


I fished on and within a few minutes I had my third similarly small sized bass of the session – this one hit and missed to start with so I literally just stopped the retrieve and as soon as I started again it hit – presuming it was the same fish that is!


The tide was up so far by now that the spot had become unfishable and as I had to get back anyway I decided to call it a day but drove back contented with my first short autumn session.

One thing I noticed today was that all three fish took the last treble hook which I’ve noticed tends to happen with takes from the smaller fish – the bigger of the fish I had in Dorset last time out all took the middle treble. One explanation for this may be the smaller fish chasing the plug and grabbing it from behind whereas the bigger fish might be ambushing the lure side on? It’s a theory but nothing scientifically proven of course!

Would like to get down to Dorset for another session in the next few weekends so hopefully things work out on that front!

Until next time…