My earliest memories were starting out with a Winfield rod and reel set bought from Woolworth’s…. yes I’m that old now but I still remember it vividly and as a result the need to go fishing, in one form or another, has never left me from those early days.

Living on the Hampshire coast for most of my life I have fished both on and off shore – bait fishing, spinning, boat and kayak plus freshwater fishing the local rivers and lakes in my younger days.  However, it’s lure fishing coastal marks that has really grabbed me – the freedom to travel light and explore on foot our magnificent coastline makes huge appeal and as a result it‘s pretty much exclusively how I fish these days. The main quarry is always the bass – to me the king of our coastal waters!

I’m a member of the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S.) and support the work they do particularly around the conservation of the species in and around UK waters.

My blog will mainly constitute trip and catch reports, thoughts on kit but occasionally you’ll find something completely off piste!

I hope you enjoy my writing and if you want to get in contact please feel free to do so!

Tight lines!


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