Bass at last!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and indeed a long while since I’ve actually been fishing but yesterday I managed the first trip in what seems an age! My enforced lay off was my own fault… a 40+ year old man should know his limits on the football pitch and a torn calf muscle is testament to that! He should also know not to push the recovery too quickly but alas it was another mistake I made and it all added up to a whole lot of fishing being missed!

So, it was really really good to blow a few cobwebs away yesterday morning although on arrival at the venue you could be forgiven if nothing would be blown away – there was not a breath of wind and the sea state calm and clear… these were not good signs for a bit of bass fishing and early results as the sun came up seemed to support that theory.  Before I really got going I met another lure angler, a nice old boy, and spent a few minutes having a chin wag with him about his fishing trip to the Azores which was a smashing tale! He was on his way back and hadn’t had a sniff so I feared the worse.

That said, I could see there were mackerel around and it was soon after I moved along the shore a bit that the Zonk lure began to get hit by the mackies. I managed to shake half a dozen off the end treble in quick succession on the way out. Mackerel weren’t the intended quarry but the bass were just not showing… until a change of Zonk colour paid a small dividend when out of nowhere, and close in, this schoolie decided to go for it!


With the bass blank avoided and with renewed hope I continued to plug away but this solitary bass was all I had to show on the way out aside from the mackerel. I chopped and changed lures from those suitable for surface to those right through the water column but it was hard going in the bright conditions. In the end I settled on the Zonk I had caught the bass on earlier  and on the way back it bagged me another schoolie – again taken close in.

That was the end of it on the bass front….I had just the two small fish to show for my morning’s work which wasn’t great but probably not unexpected given the conditions.

There was still the odd mackerel showing and the one below, which I caught as I left the beach, had pretty much engulfed the Zonk so he came home for tea!


Despite the lack of anything decent it was nice to get out and finally fish after a frustrating few months for me one way and another. Off to Cornwall with the family this weekend so will pack the rod in the hope I can wet a line but failing that will be eager to get out again on my return and I am certainly looking forward to the autumn fishing!

To finish, here are a few more pictures taken yesterday…

Early doors


Megabass Zonk


Bright, clear and relatively calm – not ideal!


The second small bass



I’ve missed fishing!!!

Until next time!