All in the dark!


Last minute decision yesterday evening to go for a quick session in Dorset this morning….. it had to be an early start so I could get back for my son’s football – probably a 3 hour fishing window at best! So with the alarm set for some un-Godly hour and kit by the door I was set and thankfully I managed to drag myself out of my pit as planned.

Arrived and was fishing by 5:30am – a good hour and a half before the sun was up and it proved to be a good move as all the fish I had today were taken in the dark. I find it best to use a familiar lure  in the dark so I have confidence in it’s action…. this meant it was on with the Feed Shallow. As if to prove a point first cast I connected with a small pollack.

Two casts later and another hit – this time from a small bass that cleverly unhooked itself when landed and flipped itself back in the water! Damn – no photo!! Not to worry as ten minutes later an ever so slightly bigger fish was landed and snapped!


Followed by another small pollack all within the first hour and under the cover of darkness…


There was not a lot of movement in the water and as the light came up with the rising tide it became very apparent the lack of movement there actually was – next to none….. and with clear water it didn’t look promising for the rest of this short session.

I was joined by another lure angler – Bill and his dog – for a few minutes and I was thankful of Bill’s presence as I had one of those ‘Doh!’ moments when I managed to crack off my lure when casting…. my complete brain failure! I had just changed to a Seaspin Pro-Q 90 surface lure too but luckily, Bill, with great skill, managed to cast to it and pulled it back in for me – cheers Bill if you ever read this!! It was nearly doubly lucky for me as minutes later there was a swirl behind that very lure from a fish that narrowly missed!

That was the last action I had though on the near bite front and with all  the fish caught in the dark it has certainly given me food for thought for future sessions especially where conditions are fairly benign.

So, I headed back home for a bacon sandwich before taking my son to his football match… he lost 2-1! Doh!

Before I finish here are a few other pictures from my early morning Dorset jaunt…





Until next time…

Tough going but pleasant afternoon


Spent a few hours on the water yesterday afternoon with my mate Nobby but it was tough going with just the three fish between us  – the biggest of which went to 4.5lbs. Whilst the water and light conditions were OK the easterly airflow was not and it was testing at times.

Tides weren’t big and we started fishing as they were on their way up. For the first hour or so we didn’t get a look in but then out of nowhere Nobby had a decent take almost under his rod tip which resulted in the beautifully conditioned 4.5lber….. the good old Zonk doing the trick


Shortly after he picked up his second fish which was 2.5lb again on the Zonk. As quickly as things looked like getting started they switched off again and with tide and the strengthening easterly pushing in it became quite challenging throwing lures into the head wind.

We started to fish our way back and with yours truly  starting to contemplate a blank I was pleased when a silver flash hurtled up from the depths and nailed my Feed Shallow again at very close quarters.


Not a big fish by any stretch of the imagination but it saved the walk back with a blank against my name!

That was pretty much it for the session and despite the tough conditions it was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, with good company as always, and a few more lessons learnt.

Until next time…