Tough going but pleasant afternoon


Spent a few hours on the water yesterday afternoon with my mate Nobby but it was tough going with just the three fish between us  – the biggest of which went to 4.5lbs. Whilst the water and light conditions were OK the easterly airflow was not and it was testing at times.

Tides weren’t big and we started fishing as they were on their way up. For the first hour or so we didn’t get a look in but then out of nowhere Nobby had a decent take almost under his rod tip which resulted in the beautifully conditioned 4.5lber….. the good old Zonk doing the trick


Shortly after he picked up his second fish which was 2.5lb again on the Zonk. As quickly as things looked like getting started they switched off again and with tide and the strengthening easterly pushing in it became quite challenging throwing lures into the head wind.

We started to fish our way back and with yours truly  starting to contemplate a blank I was pleased when a silver flash hurtled up from the depths and nailed my Feed Shallow again at very close quarters.


Not a big fish by any stretch of the imagination but it saved the walk back with a blank against my name!

That was pretty much it for the session and despite the tough conditions it was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, with good company as always, and a few more lessons learnt.

Until next time…

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