Early Dorset foray…

It’s been a while but I finally managed to get my first lure session of the year in today. Plan was to head down to Dorset and blow a few fishing cobwebs away along with trying some new bits of kit I’ve accumulated over the winter… if there was an early bass around, or anything else biting come to that, well, that would be a bonus.

Arrived just as dawn was thinking about making an appearance…

It was fairly chilly with a noticeable breeze coming off the cliffs but only a small swell coming into the bay. The walk round to my favoured starting point soon had me warmed up though. There was already two or three anglers dotted along the shore but it seemed eerily quiet with hardly any movement in the water. As it got light you could see the water was crystal clear  which did little for my hopes of getting an early season bass especially as it was neap tides so little tidal range either to stir things up. I did kick into  a few lumps of washed up seaweed and there were a few pockets of maggots which it’s well reported the fish will come in for if the weed get’s washed back into the water.

I started with shallow running plugs such as the Komomo II, Feed Shallow and Sasuke over the ledges but all was quiet so I gradually moved round the shoreline to find deeper water where I stopped for breakfast and a coffee – not a bad spot…


Over my coffee I decided to give some soft plastics on jig heads a go using a sink and retrieve method and within a couple of casts I had a fish on… not a bass though but a plump wrasse which was no real surprise I guess on the soft plastics…

It put up a scrap for all of about fifteen seconds but at least it meant I hadn’t blanked! The soft plastic was an orange Grass  Minnow on a 5g jig head

I kept moving on along the coast and alternated between some deeper diving plugs and trying out a range of jig heads with different types and colours of soft plastics but it was very slow in the clear water. It was a beautiful day though and I used the time to explore further along this stretch of coast than I’ve hiked before…



The further you walked along the shore line the deeper the water became and with the visibility good you could see way down into the rocky depths – ideal for diving I would have thought!

I fished a couple of accessible marks but nothing was yielding until on the way back I managed a second wrasse again on the same variety orange Grass Minnow. This seemed to be the colour to use for the wrasse in this rocky location – I’d tried a couple of other colours without a sniff. This wrasse was equally as plump as the first, put up a better scrap and was a bit more colourful…



That was the end of my fish catching exploits for the day despite more plugs and plastics being cast out. I did spook a couple of bass in the shallower ground as I headed back to the car so they are there but just didn’t appear to be interested today. It is early season for them in this neck of the woods and probably need to wait until they’ve finished their spawning and water temperature creeps up a bit before they show in any numbers.

Before I finish, a couple of footnotes on new kit I tried out for the first time on this jaunt. Firstly, the new Greys Platinum breathable waders gave good first impressions though I probably need a few more outings in them to really test their durability. What I am disappointed in though are the Greys Platinum wading boots I bought last season – already they are showing signs of wear and tear and I’m not particularly hard on kit plus wash it down religiously after use – looks like I will be looking again at boot options in the not too distant future. Interested in what other’s opinions are on what a decent pair of wading boots might be?!

However, what I was really impressed with was the Overboard rucksack I got over Christmas and I mentioned in a previous article. I know it’s only a first outing but it feels strong, it’s cavernous inside, importantly it’s very comfortable for a long day hiking, and does exactly what it says on the tin in respect of it’s waterproof qualities – keeping all my kit bone dry despite me taking a two or three rogue waves. It would be an excellent bag to take out on the kayak as well – something I will try out and report back.

So, nice to get back in the swing of things fishing-wise, a good trek along beautiful coastline, pleased with new kit and already looking forward to the next opportunity to get out!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Early Dorset foray…”

  1. Andy
    I heard there was sighting of some strange creature around those rocks on sunday……did you manage to get a phot of that?


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