Clear water frustrations

Managed to blag a day off work yesterday with full intentions of getting out on the kayak in the great weather of late but bad planning on my part meant I left things too late to get myself organised and so my plan was changed to try another lure session in The Purbecks again to see if any bass were showing.

With the Kimmeridge area out of bounds I decided to try a mark to the east which has produced for me in the past so the alarm was set for 4 a.m. in anticipation. This all went to plan and I was parked up and ready for the hike down to the mark by 5.30 a.m. and I was sending my first cast out about an hour before sunrise… it was eerily quiet with flat water barely lapping the shoreline.

First lure on was a Komomo II Joker Flashing Plate which I was fishing over a shallow area where a small stream ran into the bay and second cast – bang! – the lure was hit… but in a blink of an eye it was gone – frustrating but encouraging nonetheless. I worked the area hard for the next half hour but disappointingly there was not a hint of a fish around. As it got light I moved round the bay on to more rocky terrain and tried my luck from there – there was little movement in the water and it was ridiculously clear but I  plugged away for another hour or so without a look in.

By now the tide was on it’s way in and the water was a little deeper in places so I’d switched to a Megabass Zonk working the fringes of gullies and out of the blue I got  follow but no take… definitely a bass which followed right up to the point I couldn’t wind the lure any more before it got spooked and was gone. I cast out again in the direction the fish headed off in and again what looked like the same fish followed the Zonk in. I just couldn’t get it to take the lure in the clear water despite varying the speed of the retrieve. After several, more casts it was obvious that this fish was well and truly spooked and had made off. I carried on amongst the rocks and in a shallower mark tried the Komomo II Sardine and first cast, another follow but again no take – this was very frustrating! It really got me thinking though and I tried as many different retrieval speeds as I could, scaled down the lure size, tried surface lures, soft plastics but nothing could entice the fish to take.

I carried on around the coast with the sun starting to blaze down but it was so calm and clear I just knew  it was one of those days where I could have been there until nightfall and not had a sniff. This picture doesn’t to the water clarity justice but it will give you an inkling of what it was like…

So, after a promising start and a few follows I was beaten for the day and headed back along the shore and up the steep climb to the car park.

I’ll have to read up on other’s idea’s for lure fishing in such clear and bright conditions to see if there is something I’m missing!! Still, it’s early for bass here and to see a few fish around was encouraging.

Lovely spot though and at least I managed to get some semi-decent photos…

Rocky marks…


An impressive ammonite fossil on the walk back…

Blue sky, rocks and clear water…

No fishes but hopefully the coming weeks will prove a little more fruitful.

Until next time…

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