Fishless but not useless…

Well, I managed another lure session yesterday down in the depths of Dorset but it was fruitless again in respect of fish caught and even bites come to that.

Arrival was before the crack of sparrows but the lack of any noise from the sea when I stepped out of the car gave me a hint it might be a slow day. Nevertheless, still in the dark, I threw on the waders grabbed my kit and began my trudge to the first mark. First lure on was the shallow running Komomo II which can be fished with a steady slow retrieve but after several minutes of casting the lure into the darkness I changed over to a good old redgill… nothing, so I moved on but as the light came up there was still little going on. A couple of other anglers came along the shore but having chatted with them not a lot seemed to have worked for them either.

Undeterred, I headed west in the direction of where some of the other anglers had been, and keeping an eye on the water as I tend to do, noticed some mullet  lapping at the surface close in. I scuffed up the weed on the shore but couldn’t see the expected idotea maggots which I presumed the mullet must be gorging on as they washed into the sea on the rising tide. Bit of a mystery but maybe it was the microscopic eggs of the idotea which I couldn’t see that they were after? Pure speculation of course! I hung around here for a while hoping that there might be a bass amongst the mullet willing to take a lure but I couldn’t see any spiky friends amongst them save for one solitary fish… but what a beauty it was – easily the biggest bass I have seen down here. Even taking into account the magnifying effect of water I would estimate it was a 70cm fish at least and broad across the back too. However, this bass  was not lapping at whatever was holding the mullet’s interest at the surface.  Still, although no takers it was encouraging to know the fish were about!


I moved on to some slightly deeper water and plugged away with a couple of different Zonk’s for a bit but before I knew it the tide had turned and was ebbing away really quickly… so quick in fact that by the time I had started to head back along the shore the sea bed in the bays I had previously been fishing, and where I’d seen the mullet feeding, were now completely exposed. Coming off the back of spring tides the extremity of the the ebb was such that I was able to note some additional features, channels and gullies which I’d not noticed before. All useful information and the kind of places that bass like to hang out and ambush their prey when the tide is up. Hopefully, I can remember this and put to good use later in the year!


Low water…

Water clarity…

So no fish – a blank report! My next trip down to this spot won’t be until the water has had a chance to stir up a bit I think. It’s been too clear and calm my last two visits and whether it’s a coincidental or not I’m not sure but the fish just haven’t played ball when the conditions were as they were. Still, there was useful information gleaned and happy to see the mullet around in numbers – a good sign in my book that the bass population here will increase over the coming weeks.

Until next time…

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