More blanking…


Just another quick blank report!

Undeterred by a couple of these blanking sessions in Dorset of late I had the opportunity to try again yesterday for that elusive first lure caught bass of the year and made my way down to the Purbeck coast to try my luck for a few hours. Unfortunately, once again, the bass had other ideas and it’s another big fat blank to report for the year’s tally!

I arrived early and was fishing half an hour before sunrise I’d guess. As the light improved I could see the water conditions were better than of late with a bit of colour in the water without it being too dirty. There was little movement in the water though – conditions were very calm although there was evidence of the stormier weather we’d had the previous weekend with some fresh weed deposits on the shoreline.

I had fished this location recently but on that occasion had headed west along the coast where there was predominantly shallower water. This time I decided to trudge east where I knew there was much deeper water with the plan being to explore some areas I had never previously reached. In this respect I was successful – finding some very interesting ground and marks which were all logged in the GPS unit for future reference! The depth of water also gave me the chance to try out some of the deeper diving lures in my tackle box which I’d ‘accumulated’ over the winter and with still relatively clear water I was able to judge and tweak the action of the lures at different retrieval speeds which was useful. 

Here’s some shots of the ground I was fishing…


IMG_0909 IMG_0907 IMG_0908

By the time I had reached pretty much as far as I could it was more than clear the fish had won again so I about turned and headed back from whence I had came… it’s a bit of an epic making your way along this stretch of coast – not for the faint hearted at times that’s for sure and travelling light is definitely the key!  A good decision to head back when you look at this picture of the storm heading east…


So, no fish of any shape or size to report but I will keep trying as it won’t be long now I’m sure!

Until next time…

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