Happy Chrimbo!

DSC_0006 - Copy

Wind, rain and Christmas shopping…… if ever there were three things to kill off the fishing this time of year they’d be high up on the list…… Bah! Humbug!!

I shouldn’t complain as I have enjoyed a good season lure fishing from the shore but I need to make a bit more effort next year from the kayak as I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked. You never know though I might get out on the yak over Christmas if for nothing else but to get some exercise and work off the turkey and mince pies!

You’ll notice from the picture that the Christmas tree has been adorned with some alternative decorations… the Tackle House one pictured probably my most successful lure of the year! A good idea though for all those lures that weren’t so good?! Go on… the missus will love it!???

Anyhow, have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year…… roll on 2012!

Until next time…

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