Gone Over-board this Christmas…


One thing that I find a pain in the proverbial when fishing is the inevitable need to wash kit down at the end of any session… but if you want to keep things in good nick and ultimately to last you longer then it has to be done. That doesn’t just mean the obvious kit like rod, reel, lures, etc but literally anything that is exposed to salt water. From some of the shore lure marks I fish, and without question from the kayak, I can take a serious soaking and that means all my kit get’s it as well.

From the kayak I’ve taken reasonable cautions already with dry boxes and kit stored in hatches but even that does not safeguard everything. From the shore though until now I’ve been using a cheap rucksack which often get’s soaked and is just not watertight enough meaning everything has to get cleaned up afterwards. I first felt the need to look for an alternative option when I was on the fishing trip down in Cornwall late August time (allegedly it was summer then). After a couple of days fishing in the rain with some serious surf and waves to deal with the saltwater exposure was taking it’s toll with zips starting to seize up on my pack, etc. and the kit inside more often or not was wet through.

It was then I started to look at waterproof rucksack options that were on the market with a view to getting one for 2012. There were some decent options from the likes of Ortleib but they weren’t cheap and I just didn’t want to spend that much on a back pack which is by nature going to take a bit of a beating. In the end though I found what I considered to be a decent option and bookmarked it for a future date. It was the Overboard Pro Sports Waterproof backpack (30 litres) which was priced at just shy of £60.

To cut a long story short guess what turned up on Christmas Day? Yep, the ruck sack! The wife did good again and looking at it out of the box the pack gives good first impressions. All the technical details can be seen by following the link already given but here are few things that initially struck me about it:

  • It is not heavy at all – in fact nice and light
  • Construction looks excellent with all internal seams nicely sealed
  • Access is excellent with cavernous space inside and a useful internal plastic zipped compartment
  • Several useful D-rings on the outside to clip bits to and a carabineer fitting as well
  • Loaded it up it sits very comfortably on my back with good weight distribution

So, out of the box impressions, as I have already said, are initially good and I can’t wait to test it out on or near the water soon. If it means spending less time washing down kit at the end of a session then I will be an extremely pleased with it! When I’ve had a chance to use it in anger I’ll try and remember to give a more in depth review!

Happy New Year and tight lines for 2012!

Until next time…

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