A Bit Hit and Miss…


Had another go at it for a few hours yesterday but it was a bit hit and miss with only a couple of bass and a handful of mackerel. I couldn’t get an early enough start which may have had something to do with it?!

That said, I was encouraged when I first got there with overcast skies, a bit of drizzle in the air, a decent swell coming in and nice water colour – it looked promising, especially off the back of a couple of days of a strong westerly airflow.

The one thing that possibly didn’t help at this venue was the big tides – I’ve noticed I’ve never done that great here when there is a big tidal range and so it proved.

Tried surface lures, divers and soft plastics to entice a bass but the only one the bass went for was the faithful Zonk – both taking the one pictured. The mackerel on the other hand had a go at anything…

Maybe the bass were preoccupied with the mackerel or had gorged themselves after the bigger seas during the week? Either way it was not the most productive session.

Anyhow, here’s a few more pictures I snapped…





It’s been a bit disappointing on the bass front this year so far but maybe that will change in the coming weeks – here’s hoping!

Until next time…

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