Well, it was nice to see a bass at least!


A late start to work on Friday meant a small window of opportunity to fish and with Nobby free as well we thought we’d chance our arm early doors. Conditions didn’t look ideal with northerly winds but nothing ventured, nothing gained and with reports of a few fish starting to show we headed off to Dorset.

Arrived a bit later than hoped with the light already upon us so we rigged up and marched off at military pace! Soon enough we were at the shore and keeping an eye on the water for signs of fish we headed west – it was calm and very clear though there were patches of water that had a bit of colour to them which was more encouraging than the aquarium like clarity I’ve experienced on my last couple of trips. It was currently low water and there were plenty of exposed rocks to fish from on the way but alas there were no takers for our early offerings of Komomo’s, Sammy’s or Salt Skimmers. On we trudged and eventually found some nice colour in fairly shallow water and after switching to his trusty Feed Shallow Nobby was in! A nice hit and scrap resulting in the biggest fish of the day around the 3.5lb mark.


I moved on round the coast to look at some ground I’d never reached before but with low water it was even shallower – literally ankle deep for way, way out. Took a couple of pictures for reference though as I’m sure on the flood it would produce…. picture shows how benign the conditions were as well.



I headed back round the corner to where Nobby was fishing – he’d only gone and had another one on the Feed Shallow! This one was only a small fish though. Next cast for him disaster struck when this trusty Feed Shallow snagged and with a ping and much cursing it was consigned to Davy Jones Locker. Unperturbed, a new Feed Shallow was deployed and he was fishing again….. only for five minutes later that one to get snagged as well with the same inevitable ping and more profanities from Nobby! That was the end of that…. or so we thought as within a couple of casts yours truly fishing a Maria Fake Bait NL got his lure snagged and this time it was my turn to be snapped off….. but I noticed the lure pop up to the surface very quickly so waders were put to good use and I  managed to walk out and pick it up and in the process, by complete fluke, also found one of Nobby’s Feed Shallows as well!

We started our move back along the shore and fished a nice channel of deeper, cloudier water. We were both fishing Zonk’s now but my offerings were definitely giving out bad vibes as Nobby picked up a further three small fish with no reply from myself! That’s how it goes some days I guess?!



Time ticked on and despite fishing our way all the way back there was nothing further to report. The long trudge up the hill saw us back on top of the cliffs looking down… I’m probably fitter this year than last but those climbs don’t get any easier – whole lot of hurt by the time you reach the top!

So, a big fat blank for me and I’m still to break my bass duck for the year while Nobby bagged the lot on this trip out…. but as the title of the post says it was nice to see a bass at least and as always with great company and banter!

Until next time…

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