Cornwall reconnaissance….

It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to sit down and update the blog and it’s been even longer since I’ve been out on the kayak. A combination of work, weather (particularly the wind) and family commitments means I haven’t been out on the water for a while but it hasn’t prevented some fishing taking place if only from the shore.

After a hectic previous month at work last Friday I headed down to Mousehole in Cornwall for a much needed long weekend with my good lady. We did plenty of walking with the dogs which as it happened also proved valuable in terms of reconnaissance for a fishing trip planned in September. We walked two sections of the South West coastal path firstly from Penberth Cove to Porthcurno and then closer to our holiday accommodation from Mousehole to Lamorna. It’s a rugged piece of coast and the water clarity is crystal clear in parts. I didn’t have my fishing rod with me for these walks but it would be easy enough to travel light and fish some of the rocky outcrops I reckon if you’re prepared for a bit of hiking up and down. By all accounts there is some good fishing to be had all along this part of the coast so it’s a definitely worth the effort involved  to fish some of these marks in my book.

As I say the first of the walks took us from Penberth Cove to Porthcurno and slightly beyond. Penberth Cove itself is a good looking place to launch a kayak from and there are also plenty of rock marks to fish from. Here it is from above on the coastal path towards Porthcurno…



As you head on towards Porthcurno you pass Logan’s Rock which gives way to the sandy Pednvounder beach – it’s a bit of a hike down but looks a good candidate for a classic bass fishing surf beach…


The second walk we did from Mousehole to Lamorna Cove if anything has more fishing opportunities plus you could launch a kayak from Lamorna itself given the right conditions.

Some of the rock marks are fairly easy to access on this stretch and give access to some nice gullies and eddies that look prime fishing spots…



As you approach Lamorna there is a rocky outcrop called Carn Du which gives access to some deep water and is reportedly good for some decent pollack fishing…


… and here is the view towards Lamorna Cove from Carn Du…


So, some nice marks found on two walks which is encouraging.

As for actual fishing I had two lure sessions close to Mousehole from a mark called Port Spaniard. Extremely clear water here…




Access is about halfway up Raginnis Hill down a footpath aptly named Cave Lane. The first session was unsuccessful apart from pulling in a float rig lost by another angler, the second session resulted in a couple of small pollack but annoyingly I’d left the camera back at the cottage so no proof in the pudding so to speak!

There you have it, although no kayak fishing at the moment some decent groundwork put in for possible future fishing trips.

There’s a more productive shore fishing trip closer to home to report on which I’ll post in the next few days.

Until next time……

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