A slight change of blog emphasis….

Well, it’s been an absolute age since I’ve been able to get out on the kayak and one way or another it has been a bit frustrating – it’s a time and weather thing. In particular having the time available when the weather conditions are right – they just don’t seem to tie in particularly well at the moment.

The knock on effect of that is my kayak blog articles dry up and I end up writing slightly off topic  from my original purpose. So, with this in mind I’ve decided to change the blog title so it encompasses any other fishing I get up to such as in the last article ‘Bass on the rocks’. You may find the odd camp site review and general blurb as well but I will of course still be posting kayak fishing reports, etc. …… just they will be more interspersed with other of my articles along the way.

To reflect this new approach I have imaginatively (??) renamed the blog as you may have noticed above! I’ve also given the blog it’s own web address of www.hookslinesandsinkers.co.uk. The old Blogspot address should redirect you here automatically.

Until next time…

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