New ground…


As alluded to in my previous post I was off work on Tuesday so wanted to take the opportunity to fish. Ideally I wanted to get out on the kayak but with the recent back problems and the two dogs in tow that wasn’t really an option so I decided on trying somewhere I’ve never tried before and that was Chesil beach. Possibly a bit early in the season for the bass to take a lure here by all accounts but worth doing a recce anyway was my thought plan.

As it turned out it was difficult fishing – not because of the conditions more to do with the dogs!! I’ve taken them in the past so I don’t know why I was surprised that I spent most of my time  keeping them out of trouble rather than fishing! Lesson finally learnt on that front! Matters weren’t helped when a hare, yes a hare, turned up on the beach and the youngest dog Woody took after it!!

Butter wouldn’t melt… honest…


Anyhow, that was only the start of an eventful day though no fish showed up. Tried off the top and with deeper diving plugs and had no takers. Water was a bit dirty but calm enough – everywhere seems slow at the minute judging by forum reports and such like. After a fruitless three hours I decided to use the rest of the day to check out some other parts of the coast on a leisurely drive home. The dogs were playing up as I de-rigged at the car chasing a pheasant round the car park so in my haste getting them in the car I left a lure on the roof… I only found that out though when I saw it in the mirror flying off my roof into the front grill of the lorry following me somewhere between Abbotsbury and Portesham! I was not amused, the dogs were asleep!

On the way home stopped off at a venue for future reference and again took the mutts with me – not a bad looking spot…


Walking back involves a climb up a narrow path and it was here I had my second wildlife encounter of the day – a full grown adder sat basking in the sun. Luckily the dogs were behind me and the snake didn’t hang around long enough for them to investigate it any closer!

Drove home after that, no fish again but good to explore a new stretch of the coast nonetheless. The day got worse after I got home to be honest with chronic tooth ache setting in to compliment my back issues!

Hopefully, get the chance to fish later in the  weekend but we’ll see.

Until next time…

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