Back in the good old days…

As anyone in the UK will tell you right now the weather has been pretty shocking for getting out fishing whether from the shore or more adventurously in the kayak. I’m struggling to remember such a poor summer as we’ve had so far with the unseasonal winds and Biblical amounts of rain…. all on the back of a hosepipe ban in many parts – laughable really!

Anyhow, what this has meant is that rather than fishing I’ve had time to catch up on other things I’d been meaning to do but had been putting on the back burner. One such task was getting an invite together for my Dad’s 70th birthday later in the year for which he gave me a bag of old photos to go through to try and magic up something for him.  There were loads of them right back to his childhood days but there were certain one’s that struck a chord with me for obvious reasons.

My father was a carpenter and joiner by trade but honed his skills as a boat builder with an apprenticeship back in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. Obviously inspired by his work he set about building a wooden canoe and amongst the hoards of photos he gave me to go through I found a few great snaps of the craft which I thought I’d share.

Here’s Dad (right) with pal during the construction phase…

Dad & Pete Gregory

Next is a picture, not of great quality I admit, of the craft completed and in action proving it didn’t sink…


Finally, this one is possibly my favourite in a way as it was obviously used to entertain younger members of the community but more strikingly is Dad had the foresight to specifically build a trolley for the canoe as well… who needs a C-Tug after all?!


What I really should do now is establish what wood was used, the construction process and whether he has any drawings for it? Will have to have that conversation with Dad me thinks. Whilst these days plastic is king for most canoes, kayaks and most other small watercraft come to that, I think there is something much more to admire and appreciate in the workmanship involved to create such a wooden vessel as this. The good old days indeed!

Anyway, back to the here and now – let’s hope the weather is a bit kinder in the coming weeks as I’m seriously missing my fishing fix at the moment. It can’t get any worse can it?

Until next time…

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