Mackies & Gars


Managed a quick morning session yesterday but conditions were not great with clear, flat water and bright conditions to contend with. Nevertheless, it was the end of a two week holiday period for me so I had to fish given the opportunity!

All in all it was tough going with not a sniff in the first couple of hours but then a few mackies started to hit the lures. Managed to shake the couple off that I did connect with thus avoiding actually handling them. No sign of the bass though at this stage which I guess wasn’t surprising given the benign conditions.

I then must of hit a shoal of garfish as I had four in quick succession all on the good old Megabass Zonk. The biggest of which was nearly 70cm in length….


Would have been nice to have landed a bass that length but they were not playing ball although I did have two follows later on from schoolies which unfortunately seemed to get  spooked in the clear calm water and made off.

Typically, as I was leaving the wind swung round and there was a nice chop starting to develop but alas my time was done.

To finish, here a couple more photos from yesterday…

Another of the biggest garfish with the Zonk lure


Benign conditions


Looking forward to the autumn bass fishing now – hopefully we’ll get some nice south westerly blows here on the South Coast to stir things up a bit and make for a good end to the year.

Until next time…


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