First of the year…

Have been a bit slow to get going this year so after a couple of short sessions where I’d done nothing better than a blank and a wrasse it was nice to get a few bass this morning. Just the three – two off the top on the Patchinko 100 and one on the Shimano Silent Assassin 129F.

There could well have been a couple more had I managed to connect with takes on the Albie Snax. I haven’t used the Snax much to be honest but I know many lure anglers love it. It’s a tougher soft plastic and I’m wondering whether the hits but no hook-ups were because I had it rigged on the wrong weedless hook with not a wide enough gape on it? Or maybe, I should have drilled the hook hole slightly bigger to let the hook ‘dislodge’ easier on a hit as I’ve seen on an on-line video. Food for thought next time as the bass clearly like it.

The takes on the Patchinko couldn’t have been more different, the first smaller fish was on a very slow retrieve and it was the tiniest of plucks that snared it – was hooked very tentatively in the lip so much so that it threw the lure once landed!

The second fish which was slightly bigger absolutely launched at the Patchinko and was nicely hooked. The third bass taken on the Shimano Silent Assassin again nailed the lure hard and had taken it deep so it took me a while to delicately remove the hooks. Was very conscious I wanted to get it back as soon as I possibly could so no pictures of that one. Concentrated on the recovery and it did swim off strongly which was pleasing.

After the couple of early season blanks it was nice to get off the mark for the year with these bass – hopefully many more to follow in the coming months.

Until next time….

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