Hounds in the fog…..


A trip out on the kayak was long overdue and after keeping a close eye on the weather forecast all week it looked good for today and the time I had available this morning. In fact the forecast was for something of a scorcher so I was surprised when the alarm went off and I looked out into the darkness to see a bit of fog outside.

Nevertheless, with the scorcher forecast I thought it would burn off pretty quickly so headed out locally and on arrival got my self rigged out – the fog was thicker as you’d expect down at the waters edge but the sea was flat as a pancake so with GPS at the ready I paddled out into the early morning gloom. Visibility was about 100 metres at best in parts which made it very eerie and a bit surreal…


It’s amazing how disorienting it can be to be honest as a couple of times I had to double check I hadn’t paddled in a circle! Certainly the GPS unit comes into it’s own in these circumstances.

The intention was to have a few hours fun with smooth hound so the only bait I took with me was crab. I wasn’t disappointed in terms of quantity – I think the final count was ten but the biggest was only around the 5lb mark and that was with just one rod out. It can get messy on the kayak smooth hound fishing with two rods especially if you get a double hook up. They are really good sport though from the original take to getting them yak side and that’s only the beginning of the fun really … you do have to make sure everything is tied down or there’s a fair to middling chance that a piece of kit could find it’s way to Davy Jones’ Locker! Even the smaller one’s are feisty – if I’m ever lucky enough to get a double on the kayak I can only imagine the pandemonium it would cause!

Action was pretty consistent with a bit of a lull as the tide turned when weed became a bit of a problem for a while. Here’s the first starry pup of the day…


Another slightly bigger one coming yak side…


And one on board…


During all this time the fog hadn’t lifted one bit and at times it was surprisingly chilly given the forecast for blazing sun shine! Eventually it did though …… about the time I had to head in – typical!

I had the Waaycool hand line with me so on my way back in I put it out and managed to nab a couple of mackerel for lunch which was a bonus… really need to do a proper mackerel session soon if possible.


So, all in all a pleasant little session and just nice to get out on the kayak again after the windy weather of late. I am working the next couple of weekends so I think my fishing opportunities will be curtailed somewhat but you never know.

Until next time…

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