Kayak fishing over…… for now anyway

Kayak5 - Copy

Well, the picture says it all really but with a slight air of reluctance I’ve sold up on the kayak fishing front… for now at least! The simple truth is  I just wasn’t getting out on it anywhere near enough to justify having it sat around doing nothing and to be honest it had been on my mind for a  while to cash in on it. Things came to a head recently with the need to raise some funds for some pretty substantial  on-going dental treatment and sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.

If I was making the effort to go out then maybe I would have made a different decision but truth is I wasn’t and found myself more likely to choose the simple pleasure of lure fishing along the shore with minimal kit than taking the kayak out.

I will still be keeping an eye in on the kayak fishing world as there are some seriously good anglers on kayaks doing some awesome stuff all over the globe which is always well worth knowing about!

So there you have it.  I’ll be focussing 100% on the lure fishing for the foreseeable future and hopefully I’ll be posting a few more articles than  of late…. particularly later in the month when I get back from a week’s lure fishing in Cornwall.

Thanks to all those who have taken the time to read and commented on my kayak fishing articles over the last couple of years or so plus I should give a shout out to Rob at www.saltwateryakfisherman.com for his help getting me up and running in the first instance. Finally, good luck to Ian who bought all my kit lock, stock and barrel!!

Until next time…

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