A Welcome Dorset Foray

Firstly, an apology for the quality of some of the photos – schoolboy error  on my part…. forgot to wipe the lense before I started!

Onwards and upwards though and today was my first chance to wet a line since the Cornish jaunt – this time it was a bit closer to home but it was still an hour’s journey down to Dorset. There was a trio of us fishing today – regular sparring partner Nobby and another pal Richard Cake of Dorset Fishing Rods fame. It was an early start as the weather was forecast to deteriorate as the day progressed so we wanted to make the most of the better conditions…. that meant the alarm going off at 2:45am and a large coffee to go. Arrived around 4:30 with Richard meeting us soon after though we were then slightly delayed as Mr Cake seemed to have a few problems deciding which of his many lures to pack….. anyone who knows Richard will understand why his own blog is called ‘Lure Addict!’.

Soon enough we were trudging the shore and before not too long we were casting out into the dark into a decent but not too challenging south westerly. I think we were all fishing Zonks to start with – I know I certainly was with the Hot Shad variety the choice I had plummed for given the conditions. There was not a lot to report until the light was upon us when Richard took a schoolie to get us off the mark . All the time the wind was steadily increasing so I changed tact and decided on something with a bit of punch and slim profile to try and cut through the wind – the choice was the Duo Tide Vib Slim 140 D-27…

This proved a good choice and coupled with Richard letting me try out one of his excellent  9’6” rods as opposed to my own 8’6” I was able to get better distance into the head wind and that put me on the bass. My first hook up I lost in the surf though I did see the fish and it was only a couple of pounds at best. Encouraging and it was looking ‘fishy’ now with good colour and a bit of fizz in the water as the swell and wind increased. A hundred yards along the shore and ‘bang!’ the lure was hit again and this time the fish was landed safely – a lovely conditioned bass again around the couple of pound mark…

Not long after that I picked up a smaller schoolie and that was it for a while but at least I hadn’t blanked!

We stopped for a few minutes to refuel ourselves at what turned out to be the furthest point along the shore we ventured. Here’s the lads taking a breather, with Richard once again sorting through one of his many lure boxes!

Once we started fishing again we had the ‘incident’ of the day with Richard having the misfortune of a juvenile sea gull snatching his brand new lure… this was not good! The bird was less than impressed but with a bit of gentle winding and coaxing we managed to get the bird under control…

Chesil 30092012-1

And ready for treble hook removal…

Chesil 30092012-2

All was well in the end with Rich practising his strict ‘catch and release’ policy…

Chesil 30092012-3 - Copy

We fished back as best we could with a few more schoolies to boot. Richard was getting up close and personal with one of them!

By now the head wind was making lure fishing extremely difficult with the swell getting up as well so we took the hint and trudged back to the car – not easy with the wind as it was and the shingle underfoot!

All-in-all though a smashing few hours fishing despite the weather deteriorating as it did and especially good to catch up and fish with Rich again – top man. Already thinking about opportunities to get out again in the coming weeks – prime time for some better bass as they feed up before heading offshore so I definitely need to manufacturer a fishing window or two!

Until next time…

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