Another stroll along Chesil…

With a long weekend booked off to spend a bit of quality time  with the wife it would have been wrong to have gone fishing… and so it was at 5 a.m yesterday morning on our first day off I was walking Chesil in the dark hunting my quarry! In fairness I had sown the fishing seed a while back and it was greeted with a  favourable response – she’s a good lass really!

Conditions were good with a south westerly blow, clear water with a decent fizz in it and cloud cover – I was hopeful. On went the Zonk in Hot Shad but nothing was doing as daylight broke so decided to change tact and tried on the surface with a  Patchinko and then a Gunfish but still not a sniff. The water by now was  starting to get really white with the surf coming in so it was back on with a Zonk – the Pearl Rainbow one this time … half a dozen casts and  50 or so yards along the shore later and the first of two quick fish were accounted for. Again, only schoolies but good scrappers on the light gear and stunning fish nonetheless…


This, I thought, was encouraging but as quick as the fish arrived they were gone again, a fellow angler I spoke with later had much the same experience with a couple of fish then nothing.

The wind had increased and there was a decent swell coming in now which made it harder work but it still looked very tasty for bass…

I really did expect to see some fish running the waves and maybe catching a few but it was difficult to make out whether they were there with the amount of white water being thrown up now. Nevertheless, I tried surface and sub-surface lures again all they way back in hope but it wasn’t to be and I had to accept my quick fire double as the only fish of the day.

Here are a couple more pictures from the day…

Not sure if I’ll get out again this weekend, but hopefully I can get out again before the month is out – that will be work and  weather dependant so I live in hope!

Until next time…

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