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Until recently I’d only given cursory thought to fishing this year what with the inclement cold weather and other commitments, but gradually things are starting to tick again. At this time of year, for me, that usually means checking over my kit from the end of last year and then thinking about what I might need to kick off the new season and beyond.

I’m pretty good at looking after my kit and all the major things were sound such as rods, reels, waders, etc. along with all the hard plugs which all seem in good shape.  I did need to replenish the soft plastics though – I used them more last year and anticipate that trend to continue this season… there’s certainly a lot of variety and methods of rigging them to try out so something I will be endeavouring to do more of for sure.  Purchased are some old favourites like Lunker City Sluggo’s, Megabass Xlayers, Savage Gear Sandeels and Fiiish Black Minnows but I’ve also gone for some I’ve yet to try like the reputable Do Live Sticks (below) and the Savage Gear Real Eels which look promising.


Braid is also something I like to replace each year so that has been on my shopping list as well. In the past I’ve been a fan of Stren Sonic just because it casts well into the wind and is pretty good abrasion wise but unfortunately it looks like it is being discontinued which is a shame although, luckily, I have managed to get hold of 300m at a decent price. To compliment it this year I’ve decided to give Sunline Super PE Braid a go on one spool in addition to the Stren Sonic on the other spool. Will be interesting to see how they compare. Aside from that it’s been mainly hooks, clips and a few single lure holders.

So, there you have it, there will be a few new bits of end tackle to try out along with the more major items I have acquired over the Winter months…namely the new 9’ 6” DFR rod and the Maxpedition Sitka bag.

The important  thing  is that going through the process of preparing for the new season has really whet my appetite to get out there again….. just need the weather and the water to warm up a bit.  Really can’t wait though I suspect, until that water temperature does rise, there will be a few early season blanks to report on… but you never know!!

Until next time…

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