Getting out more…

Since the last post I’ve managed three more trips and all have been productive in their own way. Seem to be a few more bass showing themselves to lures though I’ve had nothing to write home about size wise – a lot of schoolies readily around with the best fish a fat mid-50cm fish, so I guess roughly 4lb.

Rewinding a bit, the first of my recent trips was not about the bass… it was about nurturing my son’s interest in lure fishing and that meant getting out for a spot of mackerel fishing with some small plugs and metals. Picked a nice, calm, warm evening and the mackerel duly obliged. In fact, as it turned out, we had some really good sized mackerel between us especially on metal shore jigs with the occasional ‘double’ hook up on the assist hook present on some jigs…

I used to take him when he was a lot younger but his interest didn’t really hold as I guess there were just too many teenage distractions shall we say! However, and by his own admission, he appreciates the benefits of the great outdoors a lot more these days and especially spending a few hours fishing with his old man! He’s got the patience for it which you definitely need at times, just need to get him on the bass now!

We had the added bonus of a spectacular sunset to end the session on…

The next two sessions were going solo and both produced decent quantity of bass if not any real size to them. First session was over reefy ground and almost all taken on surface lures and of similar size to the one below on the Patchinko 125…

The last of my recent sessions was at the weekend and this time it was back on the beach and numbers again good if size again fairly average. A variety of lures produced from metals to medium divers, like the Megabass Zonk, and also off the top again with the Patchinko 125 and it’s bigger brother. Some nice bouncy conditions and water colour to go with it meant the bass were nicely energised and whilst they were certainly no monsters they scrapped well and all taken at no distance at all, maybe 20 yards at most.


Hoping to get out again this weekend and this time getting my lad on the bass…. if I can get him out of bed at the witching hour!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Getting out more…”

  1. Hi Andy, location looks like where I was last weekend. Not fishing but looking around the cruise liner’s anchored in the bay.


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