Bass before work anyone?


The weather has been relatively settled the last week but there just hasn’t been the opportunity to get out on the kayak which has been disappointing. However, with a few whispers of mackerel and bass in close locally I needed to get out and fish.

Last night I settled on a plan of getting up early this morning before work and having a couple of hours plugging for bass. With the aid of one of the dogs barking at an intruding fox in the garden at 4 a.m. I dragged myself out of my pit, got my kit together, made a coffee and headed out into the dark – it was perfectly still.

Within half an hour I was at what turned out to be the first of my venues. It was just getting light and the sea was flat calm but not a lot of activity on the surface which was contrary to recent reports. Nevertheless, I walked along the shore casting into the water to see if anything was out there and to my surprise on about my twentieth cast the rod slammed over and I was in to a fish – nothing huge and after a decent little tussle this nice fish that weighed in bang on 2lbs came ashore…


Encouraging I thought but then it went completely quiet for the next half hour so I decided to spend the last hour I had at a venue a bit further down the road I had an inkling might hold some bass but had never tried before. It proved to be a good decision.

The tide was slowly rising but at this particular place the water is pretty shallow and in fact there was probably only two or three feet of water there at best when I arrived. The water was fairly clear though with some weed cover and encouragingly there were a lot of fry moving around. Even more encouraging though were the occasional swirls amongst the fry and that said to me either mackerel or bass. It was bass. First cast and I hooked a schoolie of about a 1lb which was released but then second cast the lure was slammed by a slightly better fish around the 2.5lb mark – perfect eating size so that one went in the bag. A couple more schoolies followed but then I connected with a better fish and the result after a brief scrap was this nice bass a little over 3lb…


I walked along the water’s edge maybe 20 yards and the very next cast I was in again with a fish of a similar size… this one had a bit of fire in his belly and for it’s size put up a really good fight…


This was all in a little over a single hour’s fishing and the lure that took all these fish was the Tackle House Feed Shallow UB 15 which has certainly once again proved it’s worth. It’s funny how you can have confidence in one particular lure compared to another and that is definitely the case with the Feed Shallow range. It’s probably unjustified as there are a lot of good lures out there nowadays but psychologically it makes me think I am going to catch every time I use one!

By soon after 7.a.m. I was walking back to the car ready to head home to start work. A really enjoyable couple of hours and a great way to start the working day that’s for sure.

Until next time…

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