Bass-man Billy!


Buoyed by the recent early morning foray before work which yielded some nice local bass I had one eye on the weather forecast last night. I thought there might be the chance this morning to give the mark another go and also thought it might give my son Billy the opportunity to get a bit more practice in and maybe even break his proper fishing duck… yes he’s caught a couple of tiddlers but nothing that could be deemed all his own work. Today that changed!

His casting has improved significantly and he was getting some good distance with his lure using his 8ft rod – albeit slightly wind assisted. He was also now twitching the lure on the retrieve much more confidently and it proved too much of a temptation for one greedy bass.

It was  a real magical moment when I think about it. We were fishing a groin with our backs to each other when I heard Billy shout a single word to me…

“Fish” he cried, as the reel’s drag kicked in and the fish took a little line. 

Frantically, I pulled my line in and went to assist but really there was no need apart from telling him where to bring the fish in. It was all under control and within the minute Billy had his first lure caught bass on the beach. It was nothing huge, maybe 1.5lb at best but was in perfect condition and most significantly it made for one very happy boy and an equally proud Dad! As I say, a magic moment.

IMG_0670  IMG_0672

After a few quick snaps we slipped the fish back in the water and watched it swim off with smiles on our faces. It didn’t matter what followed after to be honest but for the record I nabbed a bass soon after that was barely bigger than the lure that caught it and then I had a better one of around 3lb  which we returned to fight another day…



The fish of the day though belonged to Billy… it may not have been the biggest but if it gives him the encouragement to get hooked on fishing, excusing the pun, then in times when there are so many other distractions for children, I think that is something of an achievement.

Well done Billy!

Until next time…

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